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You may have heard a lot of information regarding pregnancy which could either be a myth or fact. Below are a list of a few of those:

1. You could tell the gender of your baby the way you carry your belly or how fast the baby’s heartbeat is. If you carry the belly low it is a boy and high it is a girl. Baby girls’ heartbeat is faster than a baby boys’.
The way you carry your belly depends on your muscle tone, position of the baby and has got nothing to do with the baby’s gender. The baby’s heartbeats rate also does not tell the baby’s gender. If you are curious about the gender of your baby, ask your doctor to do a scan!

2. If you get more heartburn your baby will be born with a full head of hair.
Again there is no association between the baby’s hair and having heartburn.   

3. Having sex will hurt your baby.
Speak to your doctor about this. Unless you have any contraindication for having sex during pregnancy for example low lying placenta or preterm rupture of membrane it is perfectly safe for you and your partner to have sex. Don’t worry, your baby would not feel your partner’s penis during sex!
Please refer to our Article on Sex in Pregnancy

4. You need to get rid of your cat.
The problem with cats is the fear of toxoplasmosis infection which could be caught by handling cat litter as it could contain the toxoplasmosis parasites. So, it is alright for you to let the cat sit on your lap or stroke it, just make sure you ask others to take care of the cat’s litter for you. 

5. You should not take alcohol at all during pregnancy.
Alcohol could cause problems to your baby when taken during pregnancy. There is no safe limit during pregnancy. Please refer to our Article on Alcohol in pregnancy.

6. You should not take panadol during pregnancy.
Pain and aches do occur during pregnancy. Panadol used within the allowed dosages is safe during pregnancy. Try to avoid aspirin unless prescribed specifically by your obstetrician for certain medical reason during pregnancy.

7.  Pregnancy could only occur if there is penetration or orgasm.
Even if you have dry sex i.e no penetration of the vagina but contact between the male and genital area occurs, pregnancy could occur. Even if the female has no sexual orgasm, she still could get pregnant. 

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